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一帆风顺 【五十九】

一帆风顺 【五十九】

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风水画的意思 meaning of feng shui art

一帆风顺 : 中国风水里左右两旁的树木,左为【招财树】,右为【档灾树】;两个瀑布有左右逢源、【事业生机旺盛】的含义;后面的大山【有靠山】的含义,山的上部是一个金元宝形状,此为元宝靠山,象征洪福齐天;主山有众多客山朝揖拱照者,寓意位高权重。门前山路也叫财路,直【通聚宝盆】,表示财路广阔,路路畅通之意,也有脚下的路已经【通向财富】、走向成功的含义。船满帆;【一路顺风】行驶。 比喻境遇非常顺利。

Meaning of Art: In Chinese Feng Shui, the trees on the left and right sides, the left is the【Lucky Tree】, the right is【Protect from Disaster Tree】, the waterfall means source of income flow in unstoppable, 【the career is vigorous】; the mountain behind has the meaning of【Support & Stable in Business】. The upper part is in the shape of a gold ingot, which is the backing of the ingot, symbolizing the prosperity of the sky. The mountain road in front of the door is also called the【Road of Wealth】. The sailing boat represents【Smooth on Everything in Life】.

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