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九鱼聚福 【六十】 - FengShuiShi
九鱼聚福 【六十】 - FengShuiShi
九鱼聚福 【六十】 - FengShuiShi
九鱼聚福 【六十】 - FengShuiShi

九鱼聚福 【六十】

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九鱼聚福: 风水画里 “锦鲤”代表着幸运和财富,“鲤”和“利”同音,有【大吉大利】,红利满堂的寓意。九条锦鲤的“九” 预示【财运长长久久】,财源滚滚挡不住!也代表着长久的幸福、有安康之意 。“鱼”音同“余”,预示着【年年有余】,【一生富贵】!九条锦鲤在水中畅游,寓意着事业如鱼得水,【顺风顺水】! 成功路畅通无阻,事业上左右逢源,身边不缺贵人、朋友相助。九条鲤鱼,有大有小一起往同一个方向游,象征着家庭的每一位成员【团圆快乐】,长长久久。

风水画摆放点:客厅,饭厅,公司,大门 和 玄关

打印布料:法国雨露麻油画布料 + 颜色防水 + 二十年不掉色


商业合作及量大购物者请联系 012-7031737 Sam Ng

Meaning of Art: The "nine" of the koi fish indicates that【fortune will last for a long time】, and the wealth cannot be stopped! It also represents long-term happiness and well-being. Nine koi fish swim in the water, which means【career or business is smooth】 like a fish in water! The nine koi fish, big and small, swim in the same direction symbolizing every member of the【family stay together】.

Decoration location: Living Room, Dining Room, Office, Entrance and Entrance

Printing Material: Oil painting canvas fabric + Color Waterproof + 20 Years of Long-lasting

Frame: Bladeless Frame, Black Frame, Golden Frame, Rose Gold Frame, Light Wood Frame, Dark Wood Frame

Merchandise cooperation and bulk purchaser, please contact 012-7031737 Sam Ng

九鱼聚福 【六十】 - FengShuiShi
九鱼聚福 【六十】 - FengShuiShi